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Thanks for your support to BambooIndia mission to make our planet greener again for generation. Over the period of time, we have received so many enquiries for joining BambooIndia mission. Here Bambooindia offers an opportunity to be a part Bamboo India Family and Reduce pollution. If you are student and want to earn and learn. Then this is a good opportunity for you. You will also get Badge and certificate as Eco Warrior. If you are a professional like Dentist, Housewife, Social Media Influencer, Marketer then you can join Bamboo India as direct reseller and earn good money working part time. If you are a reseller & have setup like Medical Store, Grocery Store Or any store. You can start new Eco Friendly Products to attract new customer base & earn more business.  Join us in a mission called

“Brush Pollution Away”


499 offer start's
  • Certificate as Eco-warrier
  • Total Brush : 15 pieces
  • Learn & Earn Together


1100 offer start's
  • Be a Green Agent for society
  • Total Brush : 40 pieces
  • Work from Home


2100 offer start's
  • Make an impact with your shop
  • Total Brush : 100 pieces
  • Serve better product to your customer

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Bamboo India Mission

Bamboo India mission is Pune, India based startup by Mrs. Ashwini Shinde and Yogesh Shinde in 15th Aug 2016. Primary aim to change the bamboo perception from The Poor Man’s Timber to Wise Man’s timber by providing plastic products replacement using innovative Bamboo Products like Bamboo Toothbrush, Bamboo Earbuds, corporate Gift articles & many more.

It’s not for the income, but for the outcome

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